What's in a Tag? With uSked, Anything You Want!

Posted by Sarah Weiner on Jul 6, 2020 4:09:41 PM

Tagging is everywhere. Hashtags on social media have revolutionized the way you and your students search, organize and consume information.


So why not use them for your DSS office or Disability Office?

When working with tons of dates, times, service providers, students and moving parts, organizing and sorting data is extremely important. uSked is all about sanity-saving features when it comes to ensuring a smooth accommodation experience.

uSked allows an unlimited number for tags for…

  • At-a-glance identification. What still needs to be done for this assignment?
  • Reporting. How many accommodation hours did we provide to specific departments per month?
  • Automation and convenience. Sort quickly and easily.

Stop toiling, start thriving and get on the tag bandwagon with uSked. Your disability services team will thank you. Book a demo today!

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